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About Beeks Bakery


Hi, I'm Annie, chef, and owner for Beeks Bakery, a small cottage business located in Austin, Texas. Beeks specializes in custom cakes, cookies and baked goods for special events whether it's a dinner party with friends, birthday, wedding, or even corporate events.


Why choose Beeks?

As a professionally trained pastry chef from the school of Auguste Escoffier, I have learned the importance of safe preparation, quality ingredients, and beautiful appearance. When ordering from Beeks, you'll know that I'm working on your dessert specific to your needs and event and not mass producing cakes that just anyone can pop in and get. 

More about us...

Beeks came from a weekend tradition where my oldest son and I would walk from our house to the corner cafe for coffee, milk and a pastry. He started calling our trip, "going to the beek store." We have no idea why he chose this word, but it carried on through the years and as our familiy grew with two more children- they said "going to beek store" to get "beeks."


The word beek is a verb meaning to bask or warm in the sunshine or before a fireplace- a perfect image of a warm kitchen in the morning light. 

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